We are a company of entrepreneurially minded science and technology enthusiasts with an interest in making a difference with that enthusiasm.

We are a young company interested in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, blockchain/DLT, IoT, wearables, prosthetics, orthotics, analytics, diagnostics and biofeedback applications.

Our Work

Chasing Ishiki VR game

Chasing Ishiki is a mobile VR game for physical rehabilitation, physical therapy, physical education or simply for some extra fun while you're exercising.

What makes the game special is the ability to control your speed in VR with a cadence sensor that gets attached to a stationary bike or elliptical.

Physical rehabilitation is rarely fun and not enjoying the activity has a negative impact on the speed of recovery.

It also makes you less likely to stay consistent with it, which slows down progress even more.

By incorporating virtual reality and gamification, physical rehabilitation can become an engaging and fun experience, thus speeding recovery.

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The Team

David Clizbe

Omar Antila

Abraham Schultz
Lead Developer

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